Google Expands Footprint In Silicon Beach

After two years of writing rent checks on the property, Google opened for business this week in its second Silicon Beach location in Playa Vista.

The 319,000 square foot Spruce Goose Hangar is 3x the size of Google’s Venice office, which the company has owned since 2011.

In addition to leasing the hangar, Google also paid $120M in 2014 to buy 12 adjacent acres, but has been mum on what and when it intends to do anything with this property.

Google joins Yahoo, YouTube Space LA, Fullscreen Inc., Loyola Marymount University, USC’s Institute of Creative Technologies, Fox Sports and Belkin in that part of Playa Vista.

We’re already hearing reports about crazy traffic in the morning. Give us a shout if you all want to move a little closer to work! We especially like Westchester for big backyards, Playa Vista for walkability and Playa del Rey for a funky OG CA beach town vibe. All three are an easy commute to your new digs.

Will we see more of Google’s Silicon Valley peeps migrating to sunny Socal? I know where I’d rather park my kicks. πŸ˜€

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Tracy Thrower Conyers, Silicon Beach Real Estate Expert

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