Silicon Beach Loves Itself Some Tacos

It’s October 4th in Silicon Beach! Are you celebrating #NationalTacoDay today?

I mean who doesn’t love a great taco? Or even a medium great taco?

#NationalTacoDay + Silicon Beach = 💕

Here, in no particular order, are five of our favorite Silicon Beach places to grab a taco today.

  1. Tito’s, of course! Almost 60 years in business and there is still a line every day
  2. Coni’Seafood – Get the full experience at the original Inglewood location or drop in at the new Mar Vista location
  3. The Talpa – Unadorned and authentic northern Mexican fare since 1964
  4. Casa Sanchez – If you’re in the mood for live music and linen napkins
  5. Sol – Mexican, Playa Vista-style

Want the best of the best and willing to venture a little further away from Silicon Beach? Here are EaterLA’s top 5. Spoiler alert. You’re going to recognize #3!

  1. Loteria Grill
  2. Leo’s Taco Truck
  3. Coni’Seafood
  4. Gish Bac
  5. HomeState

So where will we find you celebrating today? Just in case we can’t join you, tag us in your instagram posts!

Tracy Thrower Conyers, Silicon Beach Real Estate Expert

Tracy Thrower Conyers is a realtor specializing in residential and residential income properties in Silicon Beach – the beach communities from Santa Monica to El Segundo, including Mar Vista, Playa Vista and Westchester. Tracy is a former attorney and real estate tech entrepreneur who uses her tenacity, eye for detail, razor sharp negotiation skills and passion for social marketing to help clients make smart, strategic and successful real estate decisions. Tracy is a recognized expert on the "Silicon Beach" effect on residential real estate and has been featured by respected media outlets including the LA Times, KPCC and KCET. Do you know somebody who is getting ready to buy a home or residential income property in Silicon Beach? Tell them about Tracy’s weekly DIY Open House Tours. For sellers in Silicon Beach, tell them about Tracy’s detailed home valuation reports and sophisticated digital marketing and pricing strategies. Tracy appreciates referrals and provides a generous thank you. Contact her for details.

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